Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta, an advertising supported e-mail client from Microsoft that integrates with the Windows Live initiative and previously only available to the closed beta group, has been released as a public beta and available for free public download without the need of invitation. Windows Live Mail Desktop should not be confused with Windows Live Mail where Windows Live Mail is actually an email service like MSN Hotmal while Windows Live Mail Desktop is a email client that will replace Outlook Express.

Windows Live Mail Desktop allows user to access and retrieve e-mails from multiple accounts in one place, including any POP or IMAP email account such as AOL Mail and Gmail. Windows Live Mail will work without any configuration with 2 GB of storage space and Live Messenger or MSN Messenger contacts are integrated directly into the interface where instant messages can be sent. Windows Live Mail Desktop supports multiple inboxes.

Other features of Windows Live Mail Desktop includes junk mail, virus detection and phishing protection for all emails that come into Windows Live Mail Desktop regardless of their account. Beside, there is built-in newsgroups and RSS reading, Address AutoComplete, ability to instantly post an MSN Spaces blog entry about any message or publishing photos directly from the WL Mail Desktop, and ability to compose, delete, and organize e-mail even when offline. WLMD now has a new 3-pane view of e-mail messages.

Download Windows Live Mail Desktop here (see update below). You need to have or sign up for Windows Live ID (if you have MSN Hotmail, MSN Messenger, or Passport account, then it’s your Windows Live ID).

Note: Windows Live Mail Desktop has been re-branded and renamed as Windows Live Mail, and is included as part of Windows Live products. The Wave 3 Beta of Windows Live products is now available for free download.