Windows Live Messenger aka WLM has officially out of beta phase and releases as a final and stable version application. Windows Live Messenger is the first major global Windows Live product that release a final version as most other Windows Live products are still in beta stage. The final Windows Live Messenger right after the beta release will have build number of 8.0.0787 (or higher). Windows Live Messenger will replace MSN Messenger, the previous version of IM client from Microsoft, where all request to MSN Messenger will be redirect to Windows Live Messenger.

According to Inside Windows Live Messenger, some major chances and enhancements of final version of Windows Live Messenger over Windows Live Messenger beta release include:

Windows Live Messenger

  • Cheap PC-Phone Calling
  • Sharing files with friends through Messenger
  • Unified Contacts between Messenger & Hotmail
  • Improved voice quality for free PC-PC calls
  • Totally updated look at feel
  • Way improved connectivity & Performance
  • Messenger Dual Phone- works as a regular phone and a PC-PC phone for free calls

Other features of Windows Live Messenger include high-quality voice conversation using PC-to-PC Calling for free, live, full-screen (640×480) video conversations, text messaging (SMS) to mobile devices and cellphones, Windows Live Alerts pop-up notifications, ability to send offline message to contacts that do not online, and introduction of Windows Live Contacts where whenever any of your contacts update their own information, the new information will be updated into your Messenger and Windows Live Mail address book automatically. All these features on top of those functionality already enhanced with several release of WLM beta.

Final release of Windows Live Messenger also contain a hidden treasure – Dead Man’s Tale puzzle game. In the puzzle game, users will chat with Billy Bones, the movie’s skull-and-crossbones title icon and use Windows Live Messenger’s communication, sharing and interactivity features to get the clues in order to complete the tasks and challenges. Once the players complete the task by conquering the final challenge, players are rewarded with an exclusive film clip from Dead Man’s Chest starring Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley that is available only through Windows Live Messenger.

Download official Windows Live Messenger final release.

Update: Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta