After 3 beta releases of next version of WordPress, WordPress version 2.3, the first, and likely to be the final too, release candidate for WordPress v2.3 has also been made available for public download. The WordPress 2.3 RC1 likely to be a stable product after bug fixes on various betas. However, it’s best safe than sorry, so please backup your database before performing the upgrade.


Download WordPress 2.3 RC1.

If you don’t want to take risk to upgrade to pre-release software, just wait for a few more days, as the final gold release of WordPress 2.3 is scheduled to release on 24th September, according to announcement.

The features of WordPress 2.3 include plugin and core update notification, built-in tags support, faster JavaScript execution, and SEO-friendly URL redirection for higher search engine search results ranking.

WordPress 2.3 final has been released.