Download Zune Desktop Theme for Windows XP

»»»Download Zune Desktop Theme for Windows XP
Microsoft has released a Zune themed desktop theme and skin for Windows XP. Zune is the new Microsoft brand that incorporates portable media players, embedded firmware software that drives the devices, and an online service for acquiring and sharing media. The official Zune desktop theme will set the visual style of Windows XP to Zune color scheme which is dark grey visual style with a orange Start menu and a black taskbar. The new free theme of Zune also include a Zune themed desktop wallpaper.

The Windows XP Zune theme has a similar look and feel with Zune website (deprecated):

Download Zune Desktop Theme for Windows XP: ZuneDesktopTheme.msi

Zune Theme

If you are a Zunester, you will like it.

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