Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a multi-channel remote control protocol that allows a user to connect to a another computer running Remote Desktop server or Microsoft Terminal Services by using Remote Desktop clients which is built-in in most versions of Windows, and other operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X. Remote Desktop also allows you to connect multiple RDP connections or remote control multiple computers or servers. If you’re system administrators, you will most likely feeling the pain of using Remote Desktops MMC to manage large amount of servers via Remote Desktop, which is extremely lack of features.

In this case, visionapp Remote Desktop or vRD may comes in handy. vRD is a free tool (freeware) which allows the management of multiple RDP connections to servers, making the life of administrators who need to maintain multiple simultaneous connections to multiple servers via Remote Desktop easier.


The features of visionapp Remote Desktop (vRD) include:

  • Connection-specific settings and login credentials of servers can be organized in folders and subfolders for quick access.
  • Tabbed remote desktop where remote desktop consoles are accessible in the tabs.
  • Dynamic overview tab page over all established connections.
  • Ability to choose the session window size through a drop down field.
  • Option to set the RDP port.
  • Ability to sort remote servers by name alphabetically.

Update: visionapp Remote Desktop is now ASG-Remote Desktop.

Download visionapp Remote Desktop ASG-Remote Desktop – Free trial convertible to freeware version after trial period.