If you want to install and set up a dynamic web server with Apache, a lot of applications such as Apache web server, mySQL database, PHP and Perl scripting language, and not to mention important extensions and tools to manage the web server’s applications. It’s not a easy and simple task. But luckily, there is XAMPP from Apache Friends.

XAMPPXAMPP is a collection of free software applications for installing and using the Apache Web server. There are different combination of applications depending on which XAMPP distributions. Currently there are four type of XAMPP distributions available: XAMPP for Linux (previously known as LAMPP), XAMPP for Windows, XAMPP for Mac OS X, XAMPP for Solaris. Typically, XAMPP is a full featured AMPP (Apache MySQL, PHP, Perl), an Apache distribution that includes the Apache Web server, MySQL database, PHP, Perl, FTP server and phpMyAdmin, with several other important and commonly used extension built-in, such as SSL.

To install and get your web server running, just download XAMPP in your OS flavor, extract it and then just start the web server. The Windows version even comes with a installer version, making life even simpler, making the installation of web server in Windows just a few clicks. You can get all the simple installation instructions at the XAMPP web pages where you download XAMPP. Beside, XAMPP for Windows also offers lite version, where it is the smaller bundle of XAMPP recommendable for a quick work around with PHP and MySQL.

Best of all, XAMPP is free, and so do the package of software applications that come with it.

Install web server with XAMPP.