eMachines W4620 is a value budget laptop brand of Gateway, and eMachines W4620 is sold exclusively in Wal-Mart and powered by AMD Turion 64 Mobile Processor MT-32 and features 15″ Ultrabright XGA TFT LCD.

eMachines W4620

NotebookReview reviewed eMachines W4620 and concluded that “I absolutely love the weight of this unit, the screen brightness, vividness, and quality, as it does not flicker or become wavy when being touched or used in general. The graphics card, screen, and customer support superseded my expectations, no questions! Also, the price is fabulous, though for $200 more a similar HP notebook might have a tougher build to it. Nevertheless, this is a thin and light budget performance notebook, and for someone looking for a desktop replacement that will do it all at a budget, I recommend this computer. What do you really like about this notebook and how has it superseded your expectations? I also didn’t like the side-positioned USB drives on this unit, but over time, I found it was easier to plug in accessories like a thumb drive this way, versus reaching behind the laptop to plug it in.

This is hands down the best laptop for $715 dollars for the AMD, performance, mobile user! I cannot recommend any other brand to you at this price range either, as eMachines/Gateway and Arima have teamed up to make one of the best notebooks around. If you want a widescreen, don’t look here, I would suggest a heavy, solid Dell or HP, but if you want a thin and light performance computer, this is the only computer for you.”

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