In conjunction with eMule 5th anniversary, eMule version 0.48a has been released. One of the most important feature in 0.48a release is improvement of program compatibility in Windows Vista. Prior to version 0.48a, eMule 0.47c or before has various glitches and problems when run in Vista, which has new security protection, and requires various workarounds to solve the issues. eMule 0.48a fixes some of these errors and improves support for Vista.

Changelog on enhancements and bug fixes in eMule 0.48a that related to Vista:

  • If Vista is running with Aero, eMule will enable Minimize to Tray on Minimize by default (can be changed in the display options.
  • Sorting in the ipfilter dialog has been fixed on Vista.
  • Tooltips now have the proper size on Vista.
  • Sparse files have been disabled on Vista, due to a faulty / limited Vista implementation of them, which cannot be worked around by eMule.
  • eMule now supports multi-user installations, which especially is supposed to fix the folder permission problems on Vista.
  • On Vista the half-open connection limit is now properly set to 9 by default (instead of 50).

As mentioned, to tackle the virtual store protection mechanism in Vista, multi-user installation support has been introduced in eMule 0.48a. Thus, when you try to install eMule in Vista, current user specific folders (i.e C:\Users\user_name\Downloads\eMule\Temp and C:\Users\user_name\Downloads\eMule\Incoming) will be used by default, instead of placing these 2 folders inside Program Files directory.

Download latest version of eMule here.