The HTC Universal is also known as Qtek 9000, T-Mobile MDA Pro, Orange SPV M5000, O2 Xda Exec, i-mate JASJAR, Dopod 900, Vodafone v1640, Vodafone VPA IV, E-Plus PDA IV, Grundig GR980 and etc as it’s be re-branded and marketed by different vendors and network operators. One major disappointment and weakness of HTC Universal is it’s only support 802.11b-compatible technology, and thus unable to connect to WiFi G (802.11g) network.

It’s possible to make the HTC Universal based Pocket PC phone to compatible and able to connect to 802.11g-only access points by a registry tweak, but the speed would still be the same as 802.11b (11 Mbit/s).

The registry tweak is to change and add the following registry decimal values using a registry editing tool like the PHM Registry Editor at your HTC Universal based Pocket PC:


After adding and editing above registry key, soft-reset the device.