Feeling boring and dull with your Windows desktop background wallpaper? Even if you run Windows DreamScene that makes your desktop background an animated motion wallpaper or video, as time passes it will be less interesting as the motion picture keeps repeating itself. If this is the case, how about feed a pet bird on your desktop?

DesktopBird Kingfisher is a small desktop pet bird program. Once run, DesktopBird Kingfisher will create a little lovely kingfisher that flies around your screen, occasionally performing its daily bird behavior routine. And the bird is interactive too, and will interact and response to your mouse clicks. It’s especially nice if you have Windows DreamScene running natural especial river or sea themed video background.

DesktopBird Kingfisher

Such actions such as the pet kingfisher sometimes may land, sit and rest on top of your open window, toolbar or taskbar. If you don’t like your desktop pet bird sitting there, simply drag and drop her around the ‘sky’ (your desktop). When you don’t like the bird to flying around particular space you may stop it too. It also hops along like any bird would do, and also dive into your taskbar to fish for food. Want to kill the birdie? Simply drag it and put inside or near your bottom taskbar, and you will see it flying lower and lower, and finally lying idle on the bottom, as if it’s dead.

Kingfisher Cathes Fish

Download DeskTopBird 1.0.

The tiny application will work on most versions and editions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

No installation required. Simply double click on the DeskTopBird.exe executable, and the bird will be flying. There are a few options that you can set, that’s whether you want to hear the bird’s callings, and whether to always bring the bring the kingfisher on front. You can access the settings by clicking on the DesktopBird Kingfisher icon in System Tray.

To actually ‘kill’ the kingfisher (exit the program), go to the System Tray again, double click on DesktopBird Kingfisher icon, and choose ‘Close’.