CoolTechZone reviewed Etymotic ETYCOM cell phone headset, which is manufactured by Etymotic Research, a company that excels in electroacoustics and hearing science, and a quality earpieces maker. Etymotic ETY•COM is an mobile phone earphones which comes together with VoIP adapter as an additional accessories.

Etymotic ETYCOM

The conclusion is that the performance, needless to say, was admirable. That shouldn’t necessarily be a surprise, since the headset is from Etymotic. The calls (both ways) were clear, but the most appreciative aspect of the ETY-COM is to let you speak softly. There were no cracking or extraneous noises throughout our testing. This experience represents both cell phone and Skype usage. However, while the performance is great, the technologies and designs are admiring, but the wire has got to go. In today’s wireless age, where many of us are circling towards Bluetooth technology and wireless headsets, you must really appreciate your time on the cell phone for you to opt for a wired headset.

For the average price of $35.99, this has to be the most worthwhile and worthy headset in the market. Not only do you get the Etymotic brand, but you also get reliability, quality and a proven track record from a dedicated earphones manufacturer. If cords are of no matter to you, there’s nothing as valuable as Etymotic’s ETY-COM headset.

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