Google Base is a online database where users can submit all types of online and offline content for free, and tag or describe the item posted with attributes. The contents or items posted will then be searchable from Google Base, and may also appears in search results of Froogle, Google Maps and main Google web search, providing a free and easy method to enter into Google search index and reaching thousands of surfers.

Google Base

As put up and publish your product items in Google does no harm but only good, and furthermore it’s free, so it’s good to maintain an existence in Google Base to increase exposure and reach. Google has provides several ways to create and post Google Base items, such as online posting by using Google Base web form, bulk upload lots of items and products with description by using spreadsheet or XML file, or by using Google Base API. And if you already have and own an established online store in Amazon, eBay or Yahoo! selling lots of products, you can use Google Base Store Connector to migrate the products directly to Google Base.

Google Base Store Connector is a free download for Windows XP or 2000 system and is a migration tool that exports and puts information from online store in eBay, Amazon and Yahoo into Google Base index. With entry in Google Base, the products and items can be found in search results when surfers search Google for the products you have to sell, with a link directly to site on eBay, Amazon or Yahoo.

The main feature of Google Base Store Connector is ease of use, where online store owners can effortlessly bulk upload the items from their online store without the need to manually enter the same items again on Google Base. Instead, Store Connector will automatically format the items in the proper Google Base format. To use Google Base Store Connector, just input your online stores from Amazon, Yahoo and eBay account information, and the smart tool will synchronize multiple sites by moving data from multiple sites into your Google Base account by just one click.

Visit Google Base or download Google Base Store Connector (Google Base has been discontinued, replaced by Google Merchant Center).