CameraHobby reviews FlipAlbum Pro, a 3D page-flipping digital photo album software to edits and presents photos, and which allows viewing of images from CD.

CameraHobby found that the computer used to playback the autorun CD has to be fairly recent to view the album with good speed and smoothness. The programmers really need to tweak the application and make it less of a pig to run, and especially keeping in mind the data access limitations of most optical drives.

Overall, CameraHobby said of FlipAlbum Pro that “despite those caveats, and I admit they do seem lengthy, albeit mostly minor, a nicely produced Flip Album can be an effective product to use for client proofing with convenience. At this stage, I give it a qualified recommended status rather than the highly recommended for Pro Show Gold, because of the noted issues and cost of buying Pro version of Flip Album. Thankfully, you can try before you buy and see if it can work for you, but your book is limited to 50-pages in the evaluation version.”

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