Force Enable Windows Aero Glass or WDM on Unsupported and WDDM-Incomptible Graphics Card

»»»Force Enable Windows Aero Glass or WDM on Unsupported and WDDM-Incomptible Graphics Card
If your graphic card doesn’t support Windows Aero Glass, here a trick that you can try to force Windows Vista to enable Windows Aero Glass on Non-WDDM Compatible or Not Aero Supported graphics accelerator card or processor, by disabling the check Windows Vista made to determines if your system hardware fulfills minimum requirements for Aero Glass window frame transparency.

Note: This method may or may not works with current RTM release of Windows Vista (user feedback welcome), and may cause a blue screen loop or constant flicker, so use with care and proper backup is a must.

  1. Click on Start button, then select Run.
  2. Type regedit. (If you do not turn of UAC, you have to run as administrator: Right click on Command Prompt accessible from All Programs -> Accessories, then select “Run as Administrator”, click on “Allow” from the Windows Security dialog, then run “regedit”.)
  3. Browse or navigate to the following registry branch:


  4. Create a new registry branch called DWM. (If DWM doesn’t work, try to create and use WDM registry branch instead.)
  5. Inside the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DWM\ registry branch, create a new DWORD subkey called EnableMachineCheck.
  6. Right click on EnableMachineCheck (or double click on it) to set the value to 0.
  7. Repeat above two steps to create another DWORD called Blur, and set the value to 0.
  8. Repeat again the steps to create another DWORD called Animations and set that to 0.

Last two steps is to disable the blurring and animations effects to lessen the load burden on your graphics card so that the system will be responsive.

You can also disable slow animation effect, which slowly minimize or slowly close the window(s) when the “Shift” Key is held when you minimize or close a window with “AnimationsShiftKey”, disable use of Elongated Buttons with “UseAlternateButtons”, or disable Aero Glass Copy and Paste with “Glass”. To enable any of them, simply modify the value to 1.

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  • Thanks, I will try it on my computer since I have an integrated video card and the glass effect doesn't work.

  • This is for WindosBlinds.

  • Alex

    []I have a question, though.

    If I enable Windows Aero, will I be able to use
    these features?

    *Windows Movie Maker
    *Windows DVD Maker
    *Windows Media Center

  • Mike

    Windows Media Centre should be enable by default. I don't belive that this will enable DVD maker and Movie maker, because you are only adding reg keys which will enable the effects. These apps are controled by the DWM, not the effects which dwm creates. My suggestion is that you buy a new video card, or find a WDDM driver for your card. I for example have an integated Intel 915GM GPU. Although it is integated, I can replace it because it is built onto the HeatSync. (I am using a Dell Inspiron i60000.) I

    • Oleg

      WOW, GPU is built onto a heatsink(oh, right heatsync, like the heat is in sync?) WOW

  • Mike

    have not done this yet because If I do, Dell will VOID my warrenty.

  • Ryan

    Tried this and it does not work on my version of Vista… 🙁

  • this doesn't work for Vista Ver. 6

  • kp

    doesn't work with Vista RTM. I think you aught to update the post becuase google keeps bringing this page up in search and it's frustrating.

  • admin

    kp, do you have any idea how to do it so that I can update the post?

  • bas

    maybe you can insert themes with a transparent effect when you have patched your uxtheme.dll an 2 other files.

    in xp you can also make your windows transparent when you have patched your uxtheme.dll, in vista you must patch 3 files.

    copy this link to your browser:

    when you have load the page scroll down untill you se this sentence: How to apply new themes in Windows vista !!

    below that sentence you can read how to patch it.

    i dont know it works, but i will post a comment when itworks properly. a working theme with glass affects i also will post.

    grtz, bas

    ps: excuses for my bad english, i am dutch…

  • bas

    pps: for opening the file with the patched dll's, you need winrar.

  • bas

    i only cant find some themes to use, maybe someone else have one?

  • Muhammad Irfan

    Not working man

  • sopan

    [8)]how use windows aero in winxp

  • saif

    I had used the reg to disable the aero.
    But i want to use the aero back again to use dreamscene.
    i tried a lot, but unable to do so.
    please help me in this.
    geforce 6200, latest driver suppoerted vista. 1.2ghz,786 ram,readyboost enabled.

  • Vista-Tweaker

    Oh S*** I never found a way to Force it on RTM Vista…… or a theme with Glass effect

  • jose

    Not working man…. Running Vista enterprise but graphic card has no update for vista (and unlikely in the future). this tweak doesnt work. any help?

  • fco lara

    no me funciona
    lo he intentado miles de vecesfr

  • holem

    thanks man it worked on my windows vista basic im so stoked it looks so cool its a bit dragy but it works no neeed for upgrade thankssssss

  • bilal zahid

    not working on windows vista enterprise and i cannot open windows color and appearance please give me a solution

  • Soham

    hI i TRIED THIS METHOD BUT i CAN'T CREATE A NEW registry branch. Can someone tell me how to do it.

  • DJ-R



  • is this work for windows vista home basic?

  • Akash

    pl add a video in or any regarding this valuable topic. it'll be a hit if you post this in for the public. I really followed ur procedures but failed. I searched for DWM/WDM key in regedit.exe in my aero enabled laptop but couldn't find it. I installed windows vista business 32-bit in my desktop. But due to lac of a graphic card aero failed to installed. My basecore as per the OS is 1.1.I'am not interested in buying a compatible graphic card, my father is reluctant…..sob, internal grapfic memory is only 96Mb

    with regards

  • very good i need it very much but i don't don't understand the last two step please post video for me

  • ass

    This does not work.
    At all.

    Don't waste your time.

  • hari

    this method is not at all working in windows 7.Is there any other way to force aero peak

  • Tim

    I followed ur steps . i have failed to find wdm/dwm key . how do i create one ? i have a base score of 1.0 everything but my graphics card score is high .im not interested into buying a video card . i have a wddm basic that comes with windows 7.and brand new parts in my cpu .Does any one know how to do this im getting sick of the taskbar color . if anyone can help please email me at -thanks ~Tim

  • Theextreme

    This dodn't work for me, either. I had high hopes, since this procedure is supposed to allow Aero on non-capable PCs!

    My computer actually more than meets the Aero requirements: Vista Ultimate, 2.53 GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, 512 MB Video RAM on a GeForce 9600 GT video card. I've seen videos on how to do this too, and folowed them, to no avail. Micrsoft's automated troubleshooter claims the DWM service isn't running, but I can see it is set to start automatically, and that dwm.exe is running in task manager. I'd defy anyone to get Aero up on my system, short of reinstaling Windows… suggestions?

  • George

    does this work for intel 915?

  • Well, I had surfed the NET as far as I can… but I had no luck! in finding a solution TO FORCE ENABLE AERO EFFECTCS in no supported Video Card

  • A R Madale

    "Force Enable Windows Aero Glass or WDM on Unsupported and WDDM-Incompatible Graphics Card"

    With All due respect… please delete this post cause it doesn't work… Please

    As far as I know if your Video Card is Unsupported and WDDM-Incompatible Graphics Card IT WILL NEVER ENABLE AERO GLASS as of now… All We can do is wait till someone breaks into the WALL

  • Alexander

    I have a problem , when i click on "Widnows Color And Appearance" it show me a window like in windows xp or older , i cant select colour or "enable transparency" its shows me only those:

    <code>Windows Vista Baisc
    Windows Standard
    Windows Classic
    High Contrast White
    High Contrast #2
    High Contrast #1
    High Contrast Black </code>

    What shall i do ?

  • Jarett

    This works just fine for me – but then, I can spell correctly! Learn to spell, and read, and it will work for you! Educate yourselves!

  • vishal

    i did the procedure given but it dint work. DELETE THIS !!

  • Zubair

    It worked perfectly for me, Thanks

  • tester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It don't work! Delete this arcticle!!

  • KrIz

    will it work on my ati radeon 9200 se.
    Plz tell me.

  • Job Strike

    No matter how you hack the windows if your hardware doesn't support AT LEAST directx 9.0 and pixel shade 2.0, the result will be fail.

  • Exodus

    Sir, i hava an intel integrated gfx card 915 G series with 128 MB vram and 2.0 Pixel Shaders will areo work on my pc?

    • ebickels440

      Yes! It Meets the Minimum Requirements of both. But i don't know if it will run on Windo… OOPS! Thats Classified!

  • Yasin

    my video card Driver doesn't support Aero effects
    what will i do now.. not supporting wddm plz help me..
    using windows 7 vga 128

    • ianL

      upgrade your display driver that it 😀

  • dan

    Number 38 . How its work?

  • Ijaz

    guyz download True-transparency! Its a software which gives the windows aero effect but u cannot change the colour and in windows 7 the start menu is still light blue!

  • raveendra

    Im on 128mb onboard vga. With latest updates released on 2007. Im using wi 7 ultimte. but icannot set up aero style. plz help me.

  • damian

    So annoyed. I run Paint Shop Pro 9 as it’s my old tool and I’m familiar with it. Aero turns off when I load this, and it corrupts my second monitor which I had hdtv running full screen, off the onboard video adapter.

    I dont care that it disables aero, but I wish it would just do it and not screw around with a second monitor which runs separate. I know I can turn aero back on manually after and PSP9 is perfectly usable… so I don’t get why I cannot disable this feature. I know better than some snotty kid being paid $40 an hour to pick his nose and code with 400 other snotty nosed kids..

    Must be a way to intercept the request to disable aero. god M$ make the stupidest most frustrating bloody annoyances which they REFUSE TO EVER ADMIT TO OR FIX. Some MCE will respond “Solution. Read the manual. Aero is pretty.” and after this post 2 replies into a 9000 page post, they will never return…

  • Sunil

    Sir, i am unable to enable aero its show wddm problem.. My system is. 2.8ghz p4, 2 gb ram, 915g graphic..128mb..

    • John Pierre

      sir fuck u just Download BorderSkin!

    • John Pierre

      and download directx runtime

  • Alexandru Parasca

    Download BorderSkin!