The CPU RightMark (CPU RM) suite is meant for objective measurement of performance of modern and future processors in different computational tasks such as numerical modeling of physical processes and solving of 3D graphic problems. It focuses on testing the loaded FPU/SIMD units and the CPU/RAM tandem. As a result, CPU RM benchmark measurement is pure CPU performance, an objective parameter obtained without and by eliminating the influence of other subsystems, like video pages changeover, disc storage access systems and operating system interaction with peripherals effects, except the memory and CPU-RAM bus.

With CPU RightMark, it’s possible to compare the true performance of different processors irrespective of a type of other system components by assessing only with the CPU and measuring the CPU operating time spent for execution of computational tasks.

CPU RightMark currently supports CPU Instructions sets that include solver module such as FPU, SSE2, SSE3, and renderer module such as FPU/MMX, FPU/Extended MMX, Extended 3DNow!/Extended MMX, SSE/Extended MMX and SSE3/Extended MMX. There are CPU RightMark Lite 2005 v1.3 and CPU RM beta 5 version (CPU RightMark 2003B) available for free download with full source code available.