When you manage digital photos, images, graphics and pictures on Windows XP computer, what you really need is consistent and accurate color from file to screen to print in order to achieve spectacular and great results for digital photography, especially if you’re professional photographer or designer. Microsoft has now provides free Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet for Windows XP for public download, which will add a new “Color” item in Control Panel and make it easier for you to manage Windows color settings to improve on quality of photos and images.

Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet for Windows XP provides a single central Control Panel interface for viewing, editing and managing ICC color profiles and ICM 2.0 color management settings across the XP system. Image Color Management 2.0 or ICM 2.0 is an International Color Consortium (ICC)-compliant color management system exposed through Win32 API functions, so it is readily available to any application, device driver, device calibration tool, or Color Management Module (CMM). Windows itself and many Windows-based software applications use ICM 2.0 “under the covers” to improve the appearance of pictures and graphics.

Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet for Windows XP has the following features:

  • Install and uninstall ICC color profiles
  • Inspect, rename, and compare two different color profiles
  • View a detailed properties and 3D graphics rendering plot of color profile color gamuts
  • Associate color profiles with devices such as printers, LCD monitors, projectors and scanners
  • Easily switch between two different display color profiles (such as internal LCD with external projector for presentation) and Windows will apply the correct color profile so that images look best on the intended display (requires color profiles with embedded color gamma table information).
  • Apply custom color gamut adjustments to one or more displays on the fly
  • Set up display calibration reminders at intervals you specify
  • Keeping the filenames and “internal” names consistent
  • Enables Windows to automatically adjust the gamut curve of the display when a color profile containing gamut table information is set as the default profile for the display, typically from such profiles that are created by custom monitor calibration tools, such as those available from Pantone, ColorVision, GretagMacbeth, and X-Rite.

Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet requires Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1, and is supported on Windows XP; Windows XP Home Edition ; Windows XP Professional Edition ; Windows XP Service Pack 2; Windows XP Tablet PC Edition with service pack 2 and later.

Download Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet for Windows XP. You will to pass WGA validation on your Windows (WGA validation is deprecated).