PPStream, a popular peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming Internet TV and video contents network software. PPStream is also the first P2PTV service player that not only allows its users to stream live TV channels, but also watch video-on-demand (VOD) of popular movies, animations and videos. PPStream version now fully compatible and support Windows Vista.

With PPStream (PPS) network TV installed, broadband users can view online movies, dramas, live sports programs, game tournaments, television series, entertainment features, animations, news channels, financial news channels and etc in a very smooth and stable streaming transfer rate. The channel list is comprehensive, and long. You can get a sense of what you can watch on PPStream with this list (no longer valid). If you can’t read Chinese, try Google translated version (no longer valid).

Download PPStream from official site (now part of iQIYI, Baidu’s online video platform).

Anyway, you probably won’t interested in PPStream if you’re non-Chinese literate, as almost everything is in Chinese language. This is the only downside of ppStream, and also a major one. You may check out other P2PTV software such as TVAnts.

A simple guide to use PPStream

In PPStream window, there are 3 panes. The left one is the channel list in which the channels are sorted according to category and popularity. Video is played in the middle pane, while the right pane showcases or recommends the popular shows, movies, dramas or channels with TV schedule links. So, if you plan to use PPStream just to watch live soccer or football match broadcast, try out the most popular channels in the Sports category (normally located at 5th or 6th from top, try your luck, or you can right click on the channels list, and select “T” the second last option to disable use of category), as many other users use it for this purpose too.

Once you found your favorite channel, save it as favorite especially when you don’t know Chinese language. To do it, right click on the channel name and select “A” option.

To view video-on-demand (VOD) contents, click on the second tab above the channels list. You will see another list of VODs available, again, in Chinese language.

Update: New version of PPStream