2and2.net is a free dedicated hosting service which running on Linux. 2and2.net provides free image and file hosting so that the files and images can be shared with family and friends, and the pictures can be used for hotlinking (direct linking) in blogs, websites, auction pages, forums signature and etc.


You’re allowed to upload the following types of files and pictures, with their respective maximum file size limit:

  • .swf (3MB)
  • .jpg (1MB)
  • .jpeg (1MB)
  • .png (1MB)
  • .gif (1MB)
  • .bmp (2MB)
  • .txt (200K)
  • .doc (1MB)
  • .rtf (200K)
  • .ppt (1MB)
  • .pdf (1MB)

There seems like no limit on how many files and pictures u can upload, nor any limit on bandwidth usage. And the images and files will not be deleted unless you request for it (no guaranteed they will delete it), or the files or pictures break the terms and conditions of the service.

The best part of the site allows direct linking (hot-linking) to the images and files. So you can host the photos at 2and2.net and display it at another site such as your blogs, your auctions, or as your signatures. You can choose to make the files and pictures you uploaded private (only at the time of upload), if you don’t want to share it on 2and2.net.

But forewarned, there are pop-ups on the 2and2.net website, and the quality and reliability of the service seems not really good.

Home Page: 2and2.net (2and2.net is now defunct)