Gmail or Google Mail as it’s know in UK and Germany, is a free webmail and POP3 email service from Google and currently available thru invitation, SMS registration or Blogger. Open free registration without the need of Gmail invites currently only available in certain countries such as Japan. Since the launch of Gmail in April Fool Day in 2004, Gmail has consistently added new features to make Gmail one of the best free email available with the most perfect features. Some of the new features include the much wanted Empty Trash or Delete All Spam button. The latest addition to Gmail been ability to receive voicemail from Google Talk, and also ability to play the voicemail or any MP3 song and music files directly from Gmail interface.

With the addition of voicemail feature into Google Talk, Google Talk users can send voicemail to the Gmail account of their friends and contacts. Voicemails arrived in the Gmail account will show up as special messages in your Inbox, with the subject “Voicemail from contact_name (x seconds). To further differentiate the voicemail from normal emails, the voicemail email messages are tagged with a telephone icon in the attachments column. Beside, Gmail users can also search for voicemails in the Gmail account by using is:voicemail operator.

To play the voicemail, Gmail has integrated a built in Flash voicemail player that plays and lets you listen to voicemail directly from Gmail web interface by clicking on Play button in the conversation view without having to launch an external application. The good thing is that, the built-in Flash voicemail player, which is powered by Google Video Player, is also a streaming MP3 player that can play MP3 songs and MP3 music attached in the Gmail conversations. Whenever there is any MP3 attachments in the email, Gmail will display a Play option in addition to Download option to download the attachments.

Gmail MP3 Player

When click on Play button, a new window with the audio player is launched to play the MP3 file or the voicemail. And the MP3 or voicemail will be streamed through the Flash based audio player which is based on Google Video Player.

Gmail MP3 and Voicemail Player