Users of Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer and Google Webmaster Tools who are looking for tips and guides on how to make the full use out of the wonderful services can take heart that Google teams a free online seminar called The Google Trifecta to help webmasters and site owners using Google’s products.

Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer and Google Webmaster Tools, three most important web oriented tools is key to the success of any business. Google Webmaster Tools helps to improve site’s visibility in Google’s search results and acquire visitors and Internet traffic. Google Analytics provides statistical insight into what visitors are doing on the site and where they are coming from. Meanwhile, Google Website Optimizer helps businesses perfects the lead acquisition process and promotes a better user experience. Combination of three tools in the The Google Trifecta webinar ensures that participants get to know the synergy and how best to integrate these 3 products.

Details of the online seminar as published by Google Webmaster Central blog.

TITLE: The Google Trifecta: Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Website Optimizer
DATE: Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
TIME: 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. PT (16:00 UTC)

  • Provide brief introductions to the products
  • Highlight recent product updates and releases
  • Discuss the benefits of using all three products together
  • Answer common questions submitted by attendees

To attend and join the free online seminar, register here (no longer valid). If you forget to attend the webinar, registrants can access an archived version of the presentation via the same registration URL.

Update: Event ended.