Free MySpace Radio Player from Hidden Shoal Recordings

»»»Free MySpace Radio Player from Hidden Shoal Recordings
Hidden Shoal Recordings is Australian based independent digital music label and carries music and song catalog of releases from list of artists which include some of Australia’s hidden treasures whose previous projects include celebrated Western Australian bands such as Mustang, Resin, Lake Disappointment, The Neptunes, The Fur Versions and ambient pioneers Enargeia. Other artists include Chris Mason, CSR, Glassacre, Holding Pattern, Low Budget Invaders, Moongoat, My Majestic Star, Slow Dancing Society, Toby Richardson and Wayne Harriss. HSR distribution channels include iTunes, eMusic, Sony Connect and the HSR Store. And to further promote its music, HSR has released an embeddable radio player for websites and blogs including MySpace profiles.

The in-built MySpace player can only play a single song, which is restricted. The free Hidden Shoal Recordings Radio Player will playback a compilation and mix of 17 HSR artists current releases across the labels catalog as well as the occasional live track and some sneak previews of future releases, and more tracks will be added to coincide with the release of new albums and EP’s from HSR.

To use the Hidden Shoal Recordings free MySpace Radio Player, simply copy and paste the MySpace radio code from Hidden Shoal (no longer available) or HSR radio on MySpace (no longer available), which also comes with sample HSR MySpace radio music player too. The MySpace radio and music player code should be pasted into your MySpace Profile.

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