Openomy is an online storage space for your files, documents, mp3s, photos, spreadsheets, videos, music, pdfs, back-ups and etc., and allows you to organizes your files and users via tags instead of folders. Openomy is also an online file system where it provides Openomy APIs to allow access from external applications and services.

Openomy currently offers storage space of 1 Gigabytes (1 GB), with intention of increasing it further in future. Once you upload the files to Openomy, you can access the files from anywhere with Internet connection, and even through external software or plugins to popular application that using Openomy APIs. This main feature that distinguishes Openomy from conventional free file hosting services. With the APIs, application tool can stores, modifies, deletes, uses and retrieves files directly from Openomy.

Currently, some utilities that utilizes Openomy APIs to make your life easier include OpenomyFS (link dead), or OFS for short, a Ruby script that uses the Ruby bindings for the FUSE library to mount your Openomy account on Linux. Or you can publish your Openomy tags via RSS, with the help of a Ruby on Rails application (link dead).

Openomy also allows users to share the files they uploaded with others, by making the file public at the control panel. Once the file made public, the permalink to the file, in the form of{username}/{filename} will be given to user. The link can be used anywhere to allow friends and families and even general Internet community to access the file. (Feature currently disabled pending installation of virus scanning feature).

According to Openomy website:

Openomy is completely free for now. In the future there will be an additional premium membership, in exchange for some nice extras. The APIs (i.e. creating applications) are also completely free to use, but a similar structure may one day appear as well. This would likely be limited to commercial applications.

So all the advanced features for free. Before bubble burst in pre-1999, there were a lot of online file storage and file hosting service providers too, most for free. But most and almost all has since collapsed or turned fee-based. Those that still alive and running, and those free file hosting services that are launched in the last few years, have lots of limitations or full of ads. Currently, the only online file storage service worth waiting for is alleged GDrive from Google, which will has infinite and unlimited storage space for your files. So Openomy’s free usage, use the Openomy (service no longer available) while it still lasts.