Rapid Leech (introduction to Rapid Leech) requires a web server or web host to work and able to transfer and download files from file sharing sites via fast server connection. For those downloaders who do not have web hosting server, there is still possible way to use Rapid Leech script to increase download speed, in fact with added advantage of bypassing various download limits imposed by file sharing sites especially RapidShare.com, RapidShare.de and MegaUpload.com.

The trick is to use Rapid Leech servers that’s been set up by others. There are a lot of people who install and run Rapid Leech scripts on their servers, and willing to share these fast file download service with the public for free, or ads-supported with several advertisements on the RapidLeech download service page. One extremely important advantage of using these servers, especially for non-premium non-paid free users, are ability to bypass download limitations such as download start delay and no concurrent download connection for RapidShare.com, and restriction of download slots limit per country at MegaUpload.com.

Most of all these annoying and inconveniencing download restrictions are applied based identification of IP address where the download request comes from. By using many different servers running RapidLeech to download the files from, for example, RS and MU, users are effectively rotating and changing the IP addresses all the time, and hence crack the download restrictions imposed on free users. Beside, you can check on the cached files available on the Rapid Leech servers instead of downloading from file sharing servers again and again.

To use these public RapidLeech download servers, simply enter the download link or URL to the files you needed on supported file hosting service such as RapidShare, MegaUpload, Uploading, MyTempDir, and etc to the “Link to Download” box provided. Press “Download File” when done. When downloading of files to server is done, you can instantly download the file to your local commputer. As the server is not a crack, you may still encounter error like “Download limit exceeded. You have to wait 7 minute(s) until the next download.” In this case, move on and try another server. You may also require to type in validation code.

Here’s a not complete list of available free public RapidLeech servers:

List removed as most of them is defunct