Saga is one of the most anticipated massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) Saga which was released officially on March 4th 2008. Saga is also touted as the world’s first collectible online real-time strategy game (RTS). Saga is free to play with no subscription free, while developers get their share of revenue though selling of booster or expansion packs. However, free account has certain features locked.

Game Give Away of the Day has previously gave away free account of Saga with 10 free booster packs. Today (June 8th, 2008), Games Giveawayoftheday is again giving away the full registered version account to play Saga for free.

The full version account has no limitation during Saga game play. For example, player can join the trading market system to trade troops, spells, and resources with other player, and engage on fighting online. Registered version also allows gamers to form guilds or create PvP territories to gather resources and improve their items.

However, user who took advantage of the previous 10 free boaster packs will be disappointed that the previous free account cannot be upgraded to the full version registered account. However, user who already registered is allowed to register another Saga account for a maximum of two to take advantage of this deal. Although no more booster packs, the full version account registered has has a behemoth, a fireball a battering ram and another troop unit to make player getting started easier.

Register for the free full version Saga account here (no longer available), accessible from User needs to install Saga on the computer in order to start playing. Download the Saga setup install from here (no longer available). There is now also a Saga manual (no longer available) to help potential player to learn about the game.

Update: Offer expired.