From now till March 15, 2007, Microsoft will not only give away for free or discount upgrade to Windows Vista of equivalent version (or upgrade to better Windows Vista edition with a small fee) to Windows XP-based computer buyers, purchased from OEM manufacturers or system builders. Beside, customers will also receive coupon to upgrade Microsoft Office 2003 for free to Microsoft Office 2007 System of similar edition, if they purchase Microsoft Office 2003 productivity suite during the same time period under the Microsoft Office Technology Guarantee Program.

Customers who buy a PC from now until 15 March 2007 with Office 2003 System pre-installed on the computer will receive a coupon good for a free upgrade to a similar edition of Office 2007. The offer is also valid for customers who purchase the full retail version of Office 2003 between 26 October 2006 and 28 February, 2007. Under the program, free upgrade release options are Office 2003 Standard Edition upgrades to Office 2007 Basic, 2003 Small Business upgrades to Small Business 2007, and 2003 Professional will get Professional 2007. Although Office 2007 upgrade is free, however, shipping and handling charge applied.

Both Express Upgrade for Windows Vista upgrade and Microsoft Office Technology Guarantee program for Office 2007 upgrade will be supported and managed by popular OEMs such as Dell, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard (HP), Sony, Acer themselves, so the offer by each OEM may be different. If computer buyers purchase from smaller PC makers known as system builders, Microsoft will provide customers with Windows Vista upgrade discount coupons when they buy a qualifying Vista Capable PC.

Update for redemption order request process:

If you live in USA or Canada, go to the North America Technology Guarantee Programs For Microsoft Office & Windows page (no longer available). All OEM product purchases can also submit their free upgrade request at Microsoft Upgradeweb webpage (no longer available) to redeem the free upgrade.