If you’re looking for a free, distributed reliable and frequent website uptime monitoring service, Pingdom GIGRIB may be a good choice. Pingdom GIGRIB depends and utilizes GIGRIB users’ computer as part of the site monitoring network, becoming one of the “test nodes” that access monitored websites and report uptime for multiple websites to a central location. Thus, GIGRIB also has the advantage of the monitored sites’ uptime will be measured by distributed network of clients instead of from single location, greatly increase its accuracy on availability.

In return for the contribution of GIGRIB users who volunteer as monitoring nodes, all Pingdom GIGRIB users have the right to add ten websites that will be monitored by the network. Each hour of work the GIGRIB client installed on user’s PC does for the Pingdom GIGRIB network, the user will earn additional five hours of uptime checks for the websites the user added and wanted to check the service availability. Best of all, users can accumulate up to 30 days of credits for monitoring their websites, ensuring that the website availability check and uptime monitoring are also continuing.

The main feature and advantage of GIGRIB that beats all other free site monitoring services is the frequency of the checks been carried out. Users can set GIGRIB to monitor, probe, check and test the websites added as often as every minute. To get 1 minute interval of monitoring service level, most other uptime check service will require users to pay for a subscription fee.

To use Pingdom GIGRIB, a Pingdom account is needed. And then registered user will have to download and install the GIGRIB client (GigribSetup.exe), and log in with GIGRIB user name and password. To add, delete or manage websites that users want to GIGRIB to check or monitor, go to Pingdom GIGRIB control.

Update: Pingdom GIGRIB has been discontinued.