FTP mget & mput Without Prompt for Confirmation

»»»FTP mget & mput Without Prompt for Confirmation
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is still commonly used to transfer files across TCP-based network such as Internet. While the main purpose of FTP is to perform two-way transfer of files, it has an annoyance – it prompts for confirmation to transfer the file for every files.

If you’re using the FTP mget or mput to download and upload many files from or to a directory, the requirement to type Y (for Yes) before each and every files get transfer can be tedious and tiring.

To use mget and mput in FTP without getting confirmation prompt, the trick is to turn off and disable the interactive mode. There are two methods to turn off interactive mode in FTP.

Method 1: Within FTP
Method 2: Before Open FTP Connection

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