NOD32 is a popular antivirus software that ranks one of the best and most accurate detection and lowest failure rate. Beside, NOD32 also famous for its virus scanning speed and low system resource usage, with support for DOS,Windows, Novell Netware, Linux, BSD and other platform. NOD32 is a shareware which allows users to download, install, and use NOD32 for evaluation and trial for 30 days. After the trial period expires, users will need to purchase a legitimate and genuine license or serial number for NOD32 in order to continue using it. Now, you can extend the trial and demonstration period for another 90 days or 3 months for free, by a trick to get a valid NOD32 license serial number that allows you to get a user ID and password to enter in NOD32 to make it genuine and able to download NOD32 setup, access any upgrade or update available, without any crack or hack.

  1. Go to China NOD32 Users’ Club web page ( that offers and giveaways free 90-days genuine copyright license and serial number.
  2. As it’s web page in Chinese language, you most probably won’t understand what it means. Anyway, fill in the first 3 fields (those with *) respectively as Name, Email and repeat your Email again. Make sure your email is valid and correct as the license PIN or serial number that allows you to get NOD32 username and password will be sent to this email.
  3. After finished key in the details, press on the button on the left to submit. Button on the left is for you to press or click in case you don’t receive the email with license information or serial number in 30 minutes.
  4. Check your email inbox (or spam folder, just in case) for the email from NOD32. The email should arrive almost immediately, and will contains a PIN or serial number underlined with red text. The rest of the email instructs you how to obtain the user ID and password by using the PIN or serial number. Ignore it if you don’t understand the language.
  5. Go to Hong Kong NOD32 Anti-Virus System registration page to register as a user of NOD32.
  6. Fill in the first 4 fields (marked with *) which is product serial number, client’s name, your email address, and confirm again your email address. English description is available, so this step should be simple and easy.
  7. Click on the left button (Submit).
  8. You will then receive another email which contains an user ID or user name with a password, valid for 90 days or 3 months, and will allows you to download latest and upgrade version of NOD32 and update latest virus signatures. The email will be sent pretty soon after a few minutes.
  9. As you can see at the bottom of the page, if you registered, but fail to receive email within one hour or lost username password, please check your username and password at
  10. Then download the Eset NOD32 Anti Virus system for free from here with the username and password provided.

Together with 1 month free trial evaluation default offers, you can effectively try the NOD32 for 4 months or 120 days before deciding whether to purchase the software or not. The best thing about this trick is that it’s possible to indefinitely extend the license and hence the valid username and password for NOD32, without any crack or hack, by applying again for another free 90-days of legal usage after the current user name and password expired, by using the same email address. So you can actually use NOD32 free for life without any keygen, crack, leaked user name or password. However, if you want to apply for multiple PIN or serial number for multiple NOD32 user name and password, you will need to use different email address for each of them, as the free giveaway of NOD32 license is limited to one per e-mail address, and if you reapply for a new license ID with the same email that you used before, then the existing license will be deactivated.

Update: Offer expired.