ReviewMe has a simple concept or idea, for bloggers or website publishers and for advertisers. If you hear about PayPerPost before, then you will easily understand the similar concept of ReviewMe. Basically, bloggers get paid by advertisers to review or blog about advertisers’ products, services or websites. Bloggers then post the reviews on their own blogs, and thus give advertisers the benefit in term of traffic, viral buzz nature of reviews, and valuable feedback.

For bloggers, sign up and registry for ReviewMe is simple few steps. After signing up, add your own blog to ReviewMe, and the service will automatically assess and determine the price of a review post on the blog based on criteria such as Alexa traffic ranking, Technorati ranking and RSS subscriber, and the ranking and price setting are automatically recalculated monthly. However, bloggers cannot change or set their desired price to advertisers, and ReviewMe takes a whopping cut of 50% out of the advertisement’s payment, which supposed to be blogger’s earning.

Although ReviewMe has a similar concept to PayPerPost, however, they have a few different approach to the reviews published and advertisers’ selection process. First of all, ReviewMe has disclosure policy, mean reviewers and bloggers must make known to the readers and visitors that the said review article is a sponsored review. Secondly, advertisers cannot force or restrict the reviewers to write only positive reviews (but who would anyway if get paid). Thirdly, in ReviewMe, advertisers get to choose which blogs they want to advertise in or been paid to review about them. So, after registering, bloggers will have to wait for the review offers to come to them, although they will still have to ability to accept or reject the review offers. But if you register now, you will always have your first review offer from ReviewMe, more on this later. Beside, the review must also have at least 200 words, and all reviews submitted will be pending verification of ReviewMe.

For advertisers, or review requesters, the benefit is pretty obvious, considering the viral effects of the blog posts. A good way for viral marketing if the advertisers choose a right blog to review about them. Not to say the increased traffic and last but not least, if the advertisers own websites or are asking for review on websites, the reviews will provide valuable backlinks that most likely will last forever, as most bloggers won’t simply delete their posts. However, if advertisers are trying to sell a product or service, they might face the risk of getting extremely bad reviews, as ReviewMe doesn’t allow any control over the contents or direction of the reviews requested.

So, should you join and use ReviewMe? For advertisers, the answer is pretty obvious, if the price is right. For bloggers, it involves some ethical question of whether you should get paid to blog. Some loathes at paid blogging or paid posting, while some said it’s of no different to display advertising or text links ads or contextual ads such as Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Tribal Fusion, ValueClick, Chitika, TextLinkAds and etc. However, ReviewMe does have the potential and opportunity to provide additional revenue stream to the bloggers in addition to regular ads on the blog, beside increase the blog’s contents. And in some sense, it’s better that those annoying pop-under or pop-up ads. However, the lion share of 50% revenue share of ReviewMe might discourage some value bloggers, considering even Google AdSense paid more than 70% of ads income to publishers.

ReviewMe now offers USD $25,000 to ReviewMe reviewers to review about ReviewMe in their blogs. Depending on your blog “quality” (traffic and ranking), you will get the net income share of between $20 to $200, after minusing the revenue share for ReviewMe. But it’s free money after all, and provides a good starting point to paid review blogging. Best of all, virtually all new users will have the review offer from ReviewMe, at least until $25,000 is used up.

This is paid review on ReviewMe (deprecated).