GhostSurf is an Internet privacy, anonymous proxy surfing and PC security systems that uses anonymous secure encrypted Internet connection to hides your system IP address and personal information from ISPs, websites, other users of your computer, with additional features for Platinum edition such as stops attacks by malicious sophisticated spyware or adware with SpyCatcher 2006, eliminates ads, and erases surfing tracks both while you browse and surfing or during offline, data destruction by erasing web history, cache, clipboard, cookies and more, amd ability to encrypt and password protect confidential files and documents. GhostSurf provides anonymous surfing by routing Internet surfing traffic through private anonymous hubs to ensure security and anonymity.

IT Wales (dead link) reviews GhostSurf 2006 Platinum and concludes that GhostSurf does what it sets out to do. The DataVault is possibly the weakest application, which can easily be replaced by any number of free and more advanced alternatives. “There were a few issues I had with SpyCatcher, which a novice might stumble on, but basically it does quite a good job. But the main crux of this program is anonymous surfing, which is a two edged sword. I cannot fault the program because it does exactly what it sets out to do. However, for me, total anonymity is not an option. I am willing to give up a little anonymity to have a more comfortable browsing experience. That said, I still have it installed and it’s useful to switch on occasionally.”