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Gigabyte K8N-SLI with model number GAK8NSLI is a motherboard on NVIDIA nForce4 SLI (Socket 939). Gigabyte K8N-SLI supports AMD Athlon64 and SLI platform. The motherboard features support for AthlonTM64 X2 dual core processors, ability of connecting two SLI-ready PCI Express graphics cards and offers blistering graphics performance, Serial ATA 3Gb/s, NV RAID, NV firewall and Gigabit LAN connection.

Gigabyte K8N-SLI

Digit-Life reviews Gigabyt K8N-SLI and concludes that “Gigabyte K8N-SLI is quite an interesting solution for its price for those who don’t want lots of functions and integrated controllers and don’t plan on buying a motherboard that will outlive several processors. Passive cooling copes with its task in the standard mode in a spacey PC case. But it obviously lacks any safety margin for overclocking (a long video card can make it impossible to upgrade the standard heatsink, for example, to a Titan-series cooler). Thus, we can recommend this motherboard to those, who want to assemble a low-noise configuration. Full-stop fan mode, supported by BIOS, contributes to the same conclusion. Pay attention to coaxial S/PDIF In and Out on the rear panel.”

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