GoodStorm MeCommerce is a new contextual advertising network that use the ‘pay per action’ (CPA) business model, that is webmasters and bloggers will be paid when their visitors purchase merchandises such as books, DVDs, and CDs with lead from their websites or blogs. In other words, MeCommerce is an affiliate marketing programs like Amazon Associates, but with a bit differences.


Firstly, MeCommerce offers a very high 50% of the profits from the goods that you sold, in what dubbed as Capitalism Done Right. The percentage of the profit sharing is much higher than other affiliate networks that typically pays associates and business partners single digit percents from the sales they made. The catch here is that most affiliate marketing programs quote the percentage of commission from the amount of the sales (e.g. 4% of the product price), while GoodStorm MeCommerce gives away half of its net profit (e.g. half of the profit after product cost price minus from product sales price). So for expensive items, MeCommerce might offers less value than typical commission tiers offered by others.

Secondly, the whole purchase and sales retail transaction will be done on your blog or website. By using JavaScript and iframe box, visitors and readers can purchase products such as books and CDs inside the serving box without leaving the website that they’re currently visit.

Another feature of MeCommerce is the ability to use “tags” (such “knitting” or “linux” or “real estate”) to select the products that should be displayed on the product serving text box block on the website. Beside, the exact products can also be specified. Much like Google AdSense, the colors and sizes of the ads block can be adjusted to best match your site.

MeCommerce considers itself a new class of e-commerce called product serving, which all ads related actions happen on your site instead of linking out to another website when clicked. MeCommerce said their product serving block can be used on the same page with Google AdSense ads block. And it has much more flexibility too. From the sample block on MeCommerce website, you can even include words such as “Support my website! 50% of the proceeds on these products go to support this site.” on the block to increase your sales.

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