Almost a month since the last occurrence of reports and statistics for Google AdSense and AdWords been delay and slow in updating, causing publishers and webmasters to falsely assume that Google is under-reporting the revenue earned or falsely believe that the website or blog experiences sudden drop in traffic, the issue appears to be happened again, ongoing right now.

Since the new day (5th June 2008), the Google AdSense and Google AdWords reports, including statistic data for earnings, clicks and impressions (or costs and conversions for Google AdWords) has been missing and are not been updated to reflect the current position completely, according to various threads on and Google AdSense Help Group (dead link).

It’s unclear if current stats not updating problem is ‘slightly longer’ delay experienced in Google Advertising accounts, as the reporting is always not real-time and subject to delay of between 15 to 30 minutes, with some believes can be longer than that, or caused by technical errors, which probably requires more time to solve. Last month, Google engineers took hours to get statistics reporting in Google AdSense and AdWords to be in order again in order to flag the issue as “Resolved” in Google AdSense Known Issues page.

Current delay or stuck reporting update is not yet been identified as an known issue, so hopefully that stats will catch up pretty soon.