I used to feel a bit surprised and not understand that why Google doesn’t have any portal that similar to Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money, CNN Money or Dow Jones’s MarketWatch, where all information and news about investment, business and money is summarily put as easy-to-find yet all-you-need-is-here contents in a glance. Late better than none, finally Google Finance is launched.

Google Finance offers a broad range of information about North American stocks, mutual funds and public and private companies along with charts, news and fundamental financial data. The features include:

  • Company Search — With Google Finance you can search for stocks, mutual funds, public and private companies, using both company names and (where available) ticker symbols.
  • Interactive Charts — Google Finance charts correlate market data with corresponding dated news stories to help you determine if there is a relationship between them (for instance, by seeing news stories that came out about a certain company in the context of what that company’s stock did that day). You can also click and drag the charts to see different time periods and zoom in to see more detailed information.
  • News and More News — Google Finance incorporates our Google News service, which gathers stories from more than 4,500 English news sources worldwide. Stories are clustered by topic so you can see different opinions on a single subject; you can also review news stories by monthly date range and by importance (which is determined by algorithms).
  • Blogs — If you want the opinions of citizen journalists, you got ’em; Google Finance includes company-related postings from Google Blog Search.
  • Company Management Team — Google Finance helps you put a face to a name. Mousing over an executive name shows you their picture as well as links, where available, to their biography, compensation details and trading activity.
  • Discussion Groups — Talk amongst yourselves. Google Finance offers high-quality Discussion Groups whose dedicated team of moderators work to keep conversations on and spam-free.
  • Portfolios — Google Finance offers a fast, easy and powerful way to keep create and maintain your portfolio of stocks and mutual funds.

Again, Google Finance capitalizes on advance search technology of Google. When you search for general term, such as “General”, all stocks, companies, mutual funds, and other money related terms about General will be listed for you to select. Once you find your investment, you can add it into your portfolio at Google Finance. Something unique is Google Finance will links related blogs and also discussions from Google Groups.

However, Google Finance lacks some important features too, include ability to chart two stocks in a single chart. Beside, bond information is not included, yet, too. So do currency exchange and converter, and money market instruments from non-US market.

Read financial information at Google Finance.