Are you hoping to use internationally targeted SEO techniques on a new website to find new clients in new markets? A straightforward solution to your aspirations would have been Google Search Console international targeting.

If you indicated yes to either of these inquiries, you could have utilized International Targeting, one of Google Search Console’s most underutilized tools and Google has now officially deprecated it as it did not receive the attention needed. Because it is so rarely used, Google did not mention international targeting when they announced in January 2019 that they were transferring and retiring several Search Console capabilities.

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Google said it would no longer support the Google Search Console’s international targeting report. According to a statement from Google, the International Targeting report has been out of date and will shortly be taken off of Search Console.

If you try to access the report, Google will display you a warning that reads, “This report is no longer available here.” Hreflang tags on your pages will continue to be supported and used by Google.

However, the ability to target search results to specific countries using Search Console country targeting was determined to have little value for the ecosystem, and is no longer supported, Google said.

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On September 22, 2022, the report will disappear.