If you’re an avid Google fan who always wants to be a step ahead of others in trying out and using yet-to-released in-development Google products and service, you now have a chance not only to use Google products first-hand, but also get paid to use Google services. Google has launched User Experience Research survey study program that may pays up to $75 for an hour you spent to participate in the program by providing feedback and your experience on Google unreleased or existing products and services.

The research study and usability survey may takes place at Googleplex in Mountain View, California, or other Google office around the world. Other form of studies include remote usability study from a high speed Internet enabled computer and phone, visit by a Google researcher in field study, or simply fill out an online survey. Payment differs by type of studies and survey methods, but generally pay $75 for each hour that is spent with a Google researcher, either in person or on the phone.

To participate in the Google survey, first you need to sign up and register in Google User Experience Research program, and wait for Google to screen and invite you to the study. Good luck.