Handmark Pocket Express V3 offers free news, sports, and weather information to smartphone, Windows Mobile, pocket PC and handheld users. Other than free channels, Pocket Express also offers movie showtimes, 411 directory search, street level maps and turn-by-turn driving directions for an additional subscription fee.

BrightHand used Handmark Pocket Express V3 and concluded that “As I said at the start of this review, I didn’t know how much I really liked Pocket Express until I didn’t have it for a few days. The entire application was designed with one-handed use in mind; I can accomplish everything with one thumb on the Treo 700w. The interface is easy to use and understand as well.

Most importantly, the content is of superior quality and channels download quickly. With the exception of a few channels, most of them are models of excellence in terms of layout, ease of use, and detail. Handmark has shown a tremendous attention to detail with Pocket Express as they continue to evolve it from version to version.”

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