Headdress is a web server that runs on Mac OS X operating system, and capable of providing virtual hosting for several websites in local network, instead of just one site with default installation of OS X. Other features of Headdress include ability to turn on PHP support in Mac OS X with just one click, eliminates the need to nest the sites or dig through configuration files, ability to develop website on the go by treating Mac OS X laptop as offsite server running, able to create a new website with 3 simple steps with any folder in your user account can be designated as a your default sites folder, each with their own URLs. With Headdress, user can also broadcasts sites via Bonjour over your network.

The Apple Blog reviews Headdress and concludes that “unfortunately, Headdress doesn’t deliver a web server ass robust as many of us are used to with Apache. While you can flip on PHP, you’re out of luck when it comes to SQL. There’s also no simple URL rewrite function. If you’re looking for a simple server easily to host all of your design projects, take a look at Headdress. If you’re looking for a server to use for some serious development (Ruby on Rails or otherwise), you’ll have to look elsewhere. For now, I’ll keep to Apache and WEBrick.”