Hide & Remove OneDrive from Windows 10 File Explorer Navigation Pane Folder Tree

»»»Hide & Remove OneDrive from Windows 10 File Explorer Navigation Pane Folder Tree
OneDrive is pesky and sticky in File Explorer of Windows 10. The navigation pane (also known as side panel or folder tree) displays OneDrive folder prominently, just after the Quick Access. If you just want to hide and remove OneDrive from the Windows Explorer (i.e. Computer, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Downloads and etc), follow these steps:

  1. Press Win + R keyboard accelerator to open Run dialog box.
  2. Type RegEdit.exe and hit Enter or OK to open Registry Editor.
  3. Navigate to the following registry key:


  4. Change the data of System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree value subkey to 0.

    Remove OneDrive from File Explorer Folder Tree

    If 64-bit Windows 10, you may also need to modify the setting for System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree to 0 at the following registry location:


  5. Close and restart any File Explorer window, and OneDrive now hidden.

File Explorer with OneDrive in Navigation Pane
Original Windows 10 File Explorer with OneDrive.

File Explorer Without OneDrive
Windows 10 File Explorer without OneDrive after the registry hack.

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  • scouser73

    Your instructions worked perfectly, thank you.

  • nampilot68

    Just tried it….no go…there is no CLSID folder under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT… only cls. I did do your instructions for 64 bit, which I have, and changed the setting to 0 as indicated, but it wasn’t enough without you CLSID instructions, which I couldn’t do for obvious reasons.

    • SLapp

      I don’t think you scrolled down enough….the top of the list is loaded with .xxxxx if you scroll down farther you will get to CLSID. This worked for me without the second key edit for 64 bit versions.

  • nick

    Thank you, this was driving me nuts.

  • jeffrey Jones

    worked for a few days, then the Onedrive reappeared back in file explorer. value data is still set on 0… any tips?

  • FL3R

    It works, thanks. 🙂

  • Chiaea

    This doens’t work for me. I’m so tired of this thing, nothing works!

    • Thomas Jr

      same for me, values were already set to 0 and the damned thing never went away. I hate MS and windows 10. At each new release windows get shittier, I can’t believe how many things changed for the worse in this new version, i fucking hate win 10.

      • hawken fox

        Guys you have to follow the edit till the end . If you are using 64bit then you have to edit 2 values at different location for this to work. If it still don’t work just force uninstall in the later steps.

      • aayy lol

        lol wow I hope you don’t work with computers for a living!

        • Thomas Jr

          like people who work with computers never make mistakes and never get distracted. you’re almost too dumb to function Lol.

        • Thomas Jr

          shut up piece of shit.

    • Yessenia Lozada

      Deleting HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerDesktopNameSpace{018D5C66-4533-4307-9B53-224DE2ED1FE6} did the trick for me. Just export the key before deleting You can´t undone it if it doesn´t work.

  • akpokemon (wad11656)

    Thanks so much! Stupid useless things…Right-click->Hide SHOULD be all there is to it! Friggin’ regedit…PFFT!

  • I’m not even going there and I have no idea why they make a hijack app so unfriendly. I just need to learn.

  • Thomas Jr

    This is pure garbage, I tried to do it and the values were already set to 0. Of course it didn’t work at ALL!

  • tom

    this worked great got rid of onedrive but………..

    did not remove the online documents and pictures folders so when i click on them it errors


    God damn it, every fucking update ms reinstalls this pos! STAY DEAD DAMN YOU!!!

  • Daniel Pettus

    OMG thank you so much I hated that thing, I only want the one under the actual ms office.

  • hawken fox

    Ever wonder how to make people hate your application … just do it the microsoft way … force it on the users. Feed them garbage , they love it … lol . Bye one drive so sad to see you leave … hahahahha

  • ebietoo

    This didn’t work for me until I realized this is the HKEY_CURRENT_USERClasses side of HKCR. It disappears immediately if you edit it under HKCU. Or it did mine.

  • Shreyans Kumar Jain


    Delete the OneDrive folder from there.

    • This did the trick after I did the “System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree to 0”
      registry edit.

  • Torsken Oscar

    Go to onedrive in the taskbar under the arrow in the right corner, right click and choose settings then untick start on windows startup and then rickclick onedrive again and press exit 🙂

  • David Bridge

    Follow official advice and use group policy rather than a registry hack. OneDrive is not “Pesky”. Its a great feature but if you don’t want it then simply disable it the correct way.


  • cheryl

    I did everything above, to no avail, but found elsewhere that if you delete this key {018D5C66-4533-4307-9B53-224DE2ED1FE6} at this location:


    …it will remove from the pane. It worked for me. I havent restarted the computer, or had a windows update yet, so we shall see if it stays away.

    • Yessenia Lozada

      Working here. Thnx

  • Elias Gonzalez

    it worked for me

  • Not everyone has Windows 10 Pro. You can only use gpedit.msc on Windows 10 Pro or above so this answer is invalid for most people, hence why this article exists.

    • David Bridge

      That’s a fair point but the article title does not mention this. This would lead many with the proper version of Windows 10 to do the wrong and possibly dangerous thing – edit the registry.

      Maybe the article should indicate this hack is only for the free / namby versions of Windows 10 😉

      • Yessenia Lozada

        Really, really pesky. Some of us really enjoy playing with the registry!

  • Jennifer (Jen)

    This guide is for us who want to keep OneDrive, but don’t want to have an extra listing in the navigation pane, see attached image in article.
    It is fully accessible from whichever folder we choose to store it. If we do want an extra link, we can pin it to quick access.
    The point is, some of us want to be able to choose whether or not having that icon cluttering up our navigation pane.

  • Jennifer (Jen)

    This guide does exactly what it says, it removes the OneDrive icon in navigation pane (but keeps the application installed).
    Those of you complaining of this not working, understand what this tutorial is meant to do before you mess up your windows/complains. This registry edit DOES NOT remove the application. To completely remove the app, follow the official guide.


    Did you even read the article? This is about removing it from navigation pane only. Not disabling it.

  • Pari S

    works like charm 🙂

  • Yessenia Lozada

    It is pesky indeed!

  • Benny

    I have two “One Drive” folders visible in my navigation panel. This only took care of one of them. Help?

  • Juniper Moon

    Thank you!

  • Jonathan

    Excellent! Thank you for this guide.