Google is offering a service which Google will provide Gmail service to a domain. Call Gmail For Your Domain, it will use a company’s or organization’s domain name instead of the domain, although the email service will be hosted on Google’s servers.

As with Gmail, users of the Gmail for your domain hosted solution will be able to get 2 Gigabytes (GB) of email storage space, plus the advanced features of normal Gmail services, such as searching, spam filtering and user interface that similar to normal Gmail view.

In addition, Google also provides administration and management tools that allow administrators of Gmail for you domain to easily manage user accounts, aliases as well as mailing lists. And all users on your domain will be allowed to get the Gmail-powered webmail account.

Currently, San Jose City College is using the Google’s Gmail for your domain hosted solution. All college’s students are getting the email addresses that ends in ‘’ although the email service is actually hosted by the Google’s servers at ‘’. However, Google allows custom logo and layout to be displayed on the service.

Gmail for your domain is still in beta. And interested organisations are invited to apply with Google by answering few questions. Gmail is needed beforehand though.

Note: The service has been evolved as Google Apps.

Microsoft is also offering a similar service to the Gmail for your domain as part of its Windows Live initiative. The Microsoft Windows Live Custom Domains offers to host a user’s domain and the email will be available via MSN Hotmail interface.