How to Activate and Use FeedBurner MyBrand for Free

»»»How to Activate and Use FeedBurner MyBrand for Free
FeedBurner MyBrand service is another previously premium for-pay service other than FeedBurner Stats PRO that been makes free for all after Google acquisition of FeedBurner. The MyBrand PRO lets users maintain consistency between your feed address and your hosted website’s domain, especially for branding purpose. For example, typically the feed that goes through FeedBurner will have as the default URL (link location). With MyBrand PRO, the URL will become, where mydomain is your website domain name.

It’s important that you control the rights and able to modify your own domain name DNS record in order to implement and enable MyBrand.

Common sense is that if you pay for your own web hosting service or purchase a domain yourself (like from Surfnova), you should be able to use MyBrand. Else if you host your blog on free platform such as Blogger, and Blogsome (defunct), and own a sub-domain URL, you probably out of luck. Unless the publishing service permits domain aliasing, such as TypePad and LiveJournal.

Turn On and Activate MyBrand.

  1. Login to Feedburner account.
  2. Click on the My Account link on top.

    FeedBurner My Account

  3. On My Account page, click on MyBrand PRO under Services section.

    Activate MyBrand

  4. Then a CNAME entry has to be created in the DNS records for each domain names that you want to use with MyBrand. To do so, login to your domain DNS zone or control panel. In WHM/cPanel, click on Edit DNS Zone link under DNS Functions. Depending on which DNS service providers you use, you may have different configuration method.
  5. Select the domain name DNS zone that you want to edit.
  6. Add in a CNAME entry and point the CNAME record to (Normally you will need this trailing full stop/period after the CNAME value). For example, if you want to host the feeds at feeds subdomain to have a URL link, the CNAME entry should looks like below:

    feeds CNAME

    Or in cPanel WebHost Manager, enter feeds in the first text field, pick CNAME as record type, and enter in the last text field.

  7. Once done, input the new your branded feed URL (i.e for MyBrand into FeedBurner (item 3 on the page).
  8. Click on Activate button to save and turn on MyBrand service.

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  • Dan

    My question is: Why don't you use it yourself?!..

  • admin

    We don't see a need to use own branding on feeds.

  • Dan

    In other words you prefer to give away some of your google juice, to (google). But you put a nofollow link to the comments..

  • admin

    well, are you purposely coming here to steal some google juice?

  • Dan

    Not in my plans.. Unless I want a nofollow backlink with "Dan" as an anchor text from a site that is way out of my neighbourhood.

    I was just amazed you did not follow your own advices (I actually activated mybrand on our site) and I was surprised you prefered to give google juice to feedburner rather than "incentiving" comments on your blog..

    I thought that maybe you had a good reason not to use mybrand, a reason that I should know before I spread our new rss url (like a downside of using this feature).

    Thanks anyway.


  • Health

    thanks, i will try it..because many blogger use feedburner..