TMNet Streamyx is a ADSL always on connection high-speed broadband Internet access service in Malaysia provided by almost-monopoly government-owned telco, TM or Telekom Malaysia. Although the network bandwidth speed that is available for subscription is pretty low and quality of service inconsistent, from 512 kbps to b Mbps currently, however, as it’s the only service provider that has nationwide infrastructure and widest coverage, the Streamyx is considerably popular.

If you’re using Streamyx or any of the many TMNet services, and want to change the password, TM actually provides an online self care service that allows TM net users to manage their account. The online TM Net account management page can be accessed at

Update: TM Net Self Care account management has been replace with MyTM at

TM Net Online Account Management Service

When login, enter your user name and existing password, and remember to select account of which TM Net service that you want to access. Other than Streamyx, it’s also possible to manage, and hence change the password for the following services from TMNet.

  • tmnet 1515
  • tmnet 1525
  • Streamyx
  • tmnet ips
  • tmnet hotspot
  • tmnet direct
  • tmnet eastgate
  • tmnet global roaming_nifty
  • e-lane
  • ichoose
  • tmnet serverhosting
  • tmnet webhosting
  • tmnet commhosting
  • tmnet e-voice
  • ioffice/adsl
  • ioffice/pstn
  • JadeL@ne
  • Melting Pot
  • eToonz
  • Stay Ahead

Once logged in, scroll down to the bottom and click on Change Password</strong link under "Account Management" section in order to select new password for your TM Net or Streamyx account.

Change TM Net Services Password

The TM Net Self Care portal provides a convenient way to perform many transactions online, contradict to the old days where users have to visit Clickers Authorised Service Outlets (CASO) or TMPoint outlet for any help and support. Other functions that user can perform including the following:

Free Trials

  • Free 7 day trial tmnet xfilter (iShield)
  • Free 7 day trial tmnet xfilter (eScan)

Online Registration

  • Subscribe to tmnet BB phone
  • Subscribe to bigger mailbox
  • Subscribe to Virus Shield & Anti-Spamming
  • Subscribe to tmnet frenz
  • Subscribe to tmnet SyncML
  • Subscribe to Online Storage
  • Subscribe Jumboplay with Bonus 2 weeks playtime
  • Subscribe to B-Smart Channel
    • Subscribe to B-Smart Festive Promo (Family Package) – RM10 per year
    • Subscribe to Intrique – School-Based Learning Modules
    • Subscribe to E-Exam – Online Workbook & Question Bank
  • Subscribe to tmnet mobile fun club
  • Insert or update mobile phone number for tmnet xms
  • Subscribe to tmnet xfilter
    • Subscribe to tmnet xfilter (iShield)
    • Subscribe to tmnet xfilter (eScan)
  • Subscribe to tmnet online guard
  • Subscribe to Anti Virus Solution
  • Subscribe to Investment Manager
  • Subscribe to Streamyx Hotspot for Streamyx
  • Subscribe to tmnet global roaming

Member Get Member Programme

  • About Member Get Member
  • Join the Programme

Online Billing/Payment

  • Pay My Bill
  • View Bill
  • View Balance Information
  • View Usage Details
  • View Payment History
  • View Payment Location

Account Management

  • View/Update Account Information
  • Change Password


  • tmnet online guard
  • Download tmnet xfilter(iShield)
  • Download tmnet xfilter(eScan)