Web hosting service, where you host your website on the server or servers of these service providers, is a big business. There are hundreds if not thousands of web hosting companies available, made worse by thousands more of affiliate and reseller websites that hopes to earn some commission by referring potential customers to the web host. Even review and/or directory sites for web hosting aren’t too reliable as they too, try to get a commission from web host sites from sales lead.

HostReview has suggested a way to judge the reliability and the reputation or feedback or honest review on web hosting sites. That’s by looking at postings in forums about the particular web host by searching thru the web host name and the keywords “forums” in any search engines such as Google.

Beside, HostReview also suggested that review sites although may be economy-driven, but there are still some genuine review site, and they generally don’t list web hosts with bad reputation to maintain their own reputation, and web hosts that are able to pay commission to review sites should be doing well in their business too. So, your best web hosting service search can be started from web hosting review sites by getting some ideas of which web hosting companies worth to be further pursuing.

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