If you fancy to have a customize toolbar, now it’s possible to custom make your own branded toolbar based on Associate Toolbar Version 2. Alexa Associate Toolbar allows all users to create a customized Alexa Toolbar for your web site for free. With the custom Alexa Toolbar, your website logo will appear on the prominent location, replacing the original Alexe wording. When install on a IE or Firefox web browser, the logo appears as it’s built into the web browser.

Custom Alexa Associate Toolbar

Best of all, with the custom made Alexa Associate Toolbar, website owners will be able to earn commission via Amazon Associates Program when users use your branded customized toolbar to go directly to Amazon website or search for products on Amazon with toolbar encoded with your Amazon Associate ID, and ends up with a purchase.

Before you start, you will need an Amazon Associates account (sign up here) to get your Associate ID. And optionally, you should have a logo that fits the requirement of .gif format, 64 colors, 3K maximum size, 21 pixels height and 70 pixels width. Samples of blank standard GIF and transparent GIF are given so that you can build your own logo image from there. Other than that, you must have a web server to host toolbar.xml configuration file and toolbar.gif (logo if any and can be other file name), which will be called and imported by your toolbar.

To start creating your own custom Alexa Associate Toolbar, head to Alexa Developers’ Corner (no longer available). Simply follow the instruction on screen to create your .GIF logo, toolbar.xml configuration file, and download your fully customized Alexa Associate Toolbar with your own brand.

Update: The service is deprecated.