How to Delete and Remove Recovery Partition in HP Computer

»»»How to Delete and Remove Recovery Partition in HP Computer

HP desktop, notebook or laptop computer normally comes with a special recovery partition which caves out on a portion of local hard disk. The hidden partition, which size can comes to about 5 to 10 GB in size, usually used to store recovery information and diagnostic tools. For HP system, the special Recovery Partition, normally on D drive, is used for PC System Recovery, an easy-to-use suite of three utilities that restores individual driver and programs or restores the hard drive on the PC to original default factory condition.

HP Recovery Partition

Typical message when accessing HP Recovery Partition – This area of your hard disk (or partition) contains files used for your system recovery. Do not delete or alter these files. Any change to this partition could prevent any recovery later.

The problem with recovery partition is that it’s taking up space on hard disk. Users also cannot view the contents inside the HP Recovery Partition as the data is locked and hidden. Beside, some users may prefer may prefer to depend on and use Recovery CD/DVD instead, as hard disk is still error-prone to corruption. Thus, deleting the recovery partition will unlock the disk space for normal data usage.

To delete and remove the Recovery Partition from HP system to free up disk storage space, and then merge or redistribute the space recovered to main system partition or another partition, HP provides a Recovery Manage to easily remove the recovery partition.

Note that the HP Recovery Partition on the hard drive contains a record of all software installed at the factory and shipped with this system, which includes images for the Microsoft Windows operating system, drivers and supplemental programs. Beside, without recovery partition on hard disk, users cannot recover individual operating system, drivers or applications anymore, except to rebuilt the whole system from scratch with complete and destructive reformatting of hard disk drive using set of recovery disks. Thus, it’s very important that you have created at least a set (more to pay insurance against burning or disc failure) of recovery disk before deleting recovery partition.

To remove the recovery partition, perform the following steps and actions:

  1. If you’re using notebook computer, connect the PC to the AC power adapter.
  2. Close all running programs, as system has to be rebooted.
  3. Click on Start button, then All Programs, follow by Recovery Manager or System Recovery. Then run Recovery Manager or PC Recovery.

    Alternatively, if you’re using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or newer, type “Recovery” in the search field, and click on Recovery Manager when it appears in the searched program list to open the Recovery Manager window.

  4. For “PC Recovery”, select the option to perform the PC Recovery when the recovery options are presented, and click Next. Wait for computer to restart.

    Skip to next step if you’re using “Recovery Manager”.

  5. For “PC Recovery”, click on OK button on “Welcome to PC Recovery” dialog message.

    Skip to next step if you’re using “Recovery Manager”.

  6. Click Advanced Options button.

  7. Click on radio button of Remove recovery partition (or Delete Recovery Partition on PC Recovery) option and click Next.

    Delete Recovery Partition

  8. When prompted to verify that you want to delete the partition, select the Yes option, and click Next.

    Remove Recovery Partition

    IMPORTANT Reminder: If you still haven’t create recovery discs, click on “Click Here” button to create a set now, else you will have to pay in order to get the discs sent to you.

    PC Recovery does not prompt you for confirmation.

  9. Removal process will start to remove the recovery partition.

    IMPORTANT: Recovery Manager is new tool and able to remove recovery partition without affecting or touching existing data and system partitions. Users can then use Disk Management tool in Computer Management of Control Panel, or third party utilities such as Partition Magic or Acronis Director Suite (which in fact can be used to remove the recovery partition straight away) to extend the size of existing partition to make use of freed space. However, in the older PC Recovery, the whole disk will be formatted once recovery partition is removed. Thus, backup your data before performing the action above. And, an operating system and programs must be installed on the hard drive manually.

  10. Restart the computer when done.

Sometimes, in some HP models, users can see “HP Backup and Recovery Manager” in the “Add and Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features” (Vista) in “Control Panel”. In this cases, uninstall “HP Backup and Recovery Manager” will remove the partition too.

Beside, it’s possible to simply delete the recovery partition with any partition, volume and disk manager, but a “Partition Overlaps System Recovery Partition” error may occur.

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  • terry

    I have used administrative tool to resize my partition but it destroyed my data.

    Then i download some freeware paragon and easeus, they worked ok

  • stefano

    Buenos dias,

    hay alguna forma de resetear un HP por defecto de fabrica, no me importa perder todos los datos.


  • Can i still reformat

    If I remove this partition from my hard drive will I still be able to reformat my computer with the recovery CD's that I have made when I got my computer??

  • emily

    If I delete the recovery partition, then I lose my ability to restore the computer to factory conditions UNLESS I have recovery disks. Correct? With the disks, I restore the computer to factory conditions, which includes again the system recovery partition? I just want to make sure I'm hearing this correctly.

  • al

    hey stefano is very easy if kieres give instructions in Spanish sige f 10 and the steps … when the lighting makina

  • Andreas

    My HP Desktop was shipped with Windows Vista. Now I updated to Windows 7. Does it still make sense to keep the recovery partition? Is it possible to "update" the recovery partition or is it a better idea to use the build-in Windows backup software?

  • scene porn

    this is I love emo

  • chuck1106

    son said he has a hard drive failure on a hp note book cq60 presario..(.bought a new one 80 gigs)…the cd internal drive wasnt working…(bought a new one).then had to order a recovery disk from HP…now im up to 100 dollars..ok not bad…did sytem check all i started to start the recovery with all this new material….after a 3 hour process…says recovery fail to run time error…please try again…I did 4 times same error….im at witts end can you help me??

  • JOJO


  • upen patel

    sir, my laptop is pavilion dv6-6165 some one have deleted my recovery for la[top waht i will do getmay recovery again

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  • Mike Lyno

    These instructions don’t do any good if you already installed a fresh new Windows 10 (to get rid of all the HP junk). Now I’m stuck with the D Drive with worthless HP recovery on it and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

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