Chitika has implemented behavioral targeting technology on its ads unit that intends to boost and improve CTR and eCPM, both yardstick that important to increase ads revenue. However, probably not all publishers can have the same positive effect. Behaviorally ads targeting depends on a large part on search keywords or terms that visitors used in search engine to reach the web page, where it’s ‘contextually’ targeted by on the search terms used.

There are many reason publisher or webmaster may not want to opt in and use the behaviorally targeted Chitika ads, which has been implemented on all Chitika ad units, including eMiniMalls, MPU (Multiple Products Unit), RPU (Related Products Unit), Chitika | Premium and etc. One of the major reason is no improvement or increase to revenue earned. And if a blog or site does not receive much search engines originated traffic and much visited by regular readers only, behavioral targeting appears much less attractive too. And, possibly, some may consent that behaviorally targeted ads may not be allowed to appear on the same page together ads code from other advertising network.


For user who wish to disable or opt-out of the behavioral targeting on Chitika ad unit, it’s possible by simply add the following line of code to the Chitika ad code:

ch_behavioral_window = 1;

The line can appear anywhere in the existing ad code to turn off behaviorally targeting of the Chitika ad units, which will then serve ads based on existing mechanisms, keywords supplied via the ad code.