Do you ever wonder why beauty queens in beauty pageant, show models and female celebrities always look beautiful, pretty, in shape, gorgeous and always smiling? They may have born with such ‘talent’, but really, there must be secret behind all the beautiful things shown to the public. This video clip details the secret on how to look like a beauty queen, based on the true life experience of beauty queens themselves.

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Here’s the transcript for the video guide on how beauty queen prepares herself for the big day.

How To Look Like A Beauty Queen

They have poise, dazzling smiles, and, darn it, they care about the world… oh, who are we kidding, the only reason we actually watch these out-of-date beauty competitions is because these girls are downright gorgeous! How are beauty queens able to appear so perfect? These pageant beauties reveal their secret tricks of the trade.

Step 1: Slimming Tricks For The Bod

Tanning instantly slims a figure down. If there’s no time for a tan, then body makeup works in a snap. Body bronzers and spray on tans work well-just remember to blend, blend, blend.

Of course, what you put inside your body can make a difference. Cranberry juice works as a diuretic and can also help to slim before showing off in a bikini.

And for the desperate, hemorrhoid cream is still being used backstage by beauty queens.

Step 2: Beauty Tips For The Face

Gone are the days of big hair and caked-on makeup for the pageant stage. Think red carpet – pretty shiny hair and enough makeup to stand out under the bright lights.

And you need to look happy because beauty queens smile. A lot. To combat a tired or dry smile, try the tried and true practice of rubbing a dab of petroleum jelly on your teeth. Also, keep teeth white with whitening strips.

To get rid of extra baggage, try placing a refrigerated spoon under your eyes.

Step 3: Wardrobe Secrets

Chicken cutlets can enhance your dress or bikini. But if you’re afraid of a silicone cutlet popping out, there are stick-on push-up bust enhancers you can find at lingerie stores.

Double stick tape comes in handy when holding your bikini top, bikini bottom, evening gown neckline, and your sash.

Another beauty queen trick to get your bikini to stick is to use hair spray on your bottom. That way your bikini bottom won’t rise up when you’re doing your walk on the stage.