How to Open MDI (Microsoft Document Imaging) Format with Office 2007

ยปยปยปHow to Open MDI (Microsoft Document Imaging) Format with Office 2007
When using Microsoft Office 2003 System Suite, you may see a printer named Microsoft Office Document Image Writer in your list of printers. In a situation such as when you don’t have access to a printer, but must print out some transient documents such as booking confirmation for concert, flight or train tickets, or receipt for online purchase, or you simply want to keep a soft copy of the documents in unmodifiable format so that the file can later be printed elsewhere, you can make sure of MS Office Document Image Writer by printing to this virtual printer which will subsequently create a file with .MDI extension.

MDI is a proprietary file format of Microsoft for storing raster images of scanned documents together with optional annotations or metadata, and can only be produced or read by certain Microsoft software, such as Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) module included in Microsoft Office 2003 and later. However, when you upgrade to Windows Vista and Office 2007, or bring the MDI files via USB flash drive or email to another computer with only Office 2007, you will encounter an error of “Windows cannot open this file”, and subsequently ask you to either let Windows to go online to look it up automatically, or manually select from a list of programs that are installed on computer.

The problem happens because “Microsoft Document Image Writer” feature is not installed by default when you run Office 2007 setup. So in order to open and view or print the MDI files with Office 2007 installed, try one of the following workaround or resolution.

Firstly, you can insert the file or drag and drop the MDI file into a OneNote page to view it instantly.

Second is a permanent solution, by installing Microsoft Document Imaging Writer and its corresponding support for the file format.

  1. Go to Control Panel, select Uninstall a program link under Programs section.”
  2. High Microsoft Office 2007 (it may show Ultimate, Enterprise, Professional, Small Business, Home and Student, etc).
  3. Click on Change located on the navigation link near the top of the window.
  4. Select Add or Remove Features, then click Continue.
  5. Expand Office Tools section.
  6. Click on the drop down list for Microsoft Office Document Imaging and select Run all from My Computer.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Click Close when installation done.

A new virtual printer “Microsoft Office Document Imaging Writer” is created and allows you to print to MDI format (a TIFF variant). And from now onwards you should be able to open any MDI files by simply double click on them. If you still can’t, try to restart your computer.

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    Ensure that you select everything under the "Microsoft Office Document Imaging".

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    After I installed the Microsoft Document Image Writer, I still couldn't open my .MDI files. I finally figured out that I had to right click on the file, select "open with", and then browse to find the application (because it didn't show up in the programs list). In Windows XP and using Office 2003, the progam file is located in C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedMODI11.0. I found that location by opening the program from the Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Tools menu, and then right clicking on the Microsoft Document Imaging program.

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    For Debbie and others who have Office 2003 but the .mdi files do not open automatically…

    Double-click the .mdi file
    At the “Windows can not open this file” prompt
    Click “Select the program from a list”
    Click OK
    In the “Open With” window
    Click the Browse button

    It will default to the “drive_letter”:\Program Files folder
    Double-Click Common Files
    Double-Click Microsoft Shared
    Double-Click MODI
    Double-Click 11.0
    Double-Click MSPVIEW.EXE

    You will be back in the “Open With” window
    Make sure the “Always use the selected program…” box is checked

    Click OK

    .MDI files will now open with MS Office Document Imaging anytime you double-click one.

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    Click “Select the program from a list”
    Click OK
    In the “Open With” window
    Click the Browse button

    It will default to the “drive_letter”:Program Files folder
    Double-Click Common Files
    Double-Click Microsoft Shared
    Double-Click MODI
    Double-Click 11.0
    Double-Click MSPVIEW.EXE

    You will be back in the “Open With” window
    Make sure the “Always use the selected program…” box is checked

    Click OK

    .MDI files will now open with MS Office Document Imaging anytime you double-click one.

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    3. Click Change.
    4. Click Add or Remove features, and then click Continue.
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    Run from my computer
    Run all from my computer
    Installed on first use
    Not available

    There's no option for "Microsoft Office Document Imaging" as everybody seem to be getting. What do I do? An email from you would surely be a big help.

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    Typical of the evil empire another reason to use open office….

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    Open MODI and use the file menu option open to open the required .MDI format file.

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    1. Right click the file and select "open with".
    2. select a installed programm to open the file.
    3. Browse to C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedMODI11.0
    4.Open with MSPVIEW.EXE.



      Sir, What is MDI – TYPE . nOW WE ARE USING THE OTHER. Is there any advantage in this . // Presently we are – viewing thro – Picassa . Can we avoid this & see/ print directly ? I need to print Letters/ accounts etc only . No photos.

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    and there is a work around to open *.mdi files

    1. Right click the file and select “open with”.
    2. select a installed programm to open the file.
    3. Browse to C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedMODI11.0
    4.Open with MSPVIEW.EXE.


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    FANTASTIC/ I was just looking for this. I had followed what was said . It was fine. But I have one problem. Why these go through – PICASSA ? Can it be avoided ?. Pl help.

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