or is the cornerstone of the Microsoft’s Windows Live services, providing freebies including free email address ending with or @Live.xx (xx indicating localized domain). However, up to your taste or preference, somebody may prefer as their email address. However if you’re located in US, Canada, UK, most European and America countries, you will be able only to register @hotmail or or some aliases based on localized ccTLD live.xx domain name. Trick below will allow you to register a unique alias at email address if you like it.

When attempt to register a new Windows Live ID (aka Passport account) at link location, Windows Live website will automatic redirect user to a registration page on local domain where user is currently located (or proxy location if he or she is surfing via proxy server). Thus if you’re not located within the countries assigned with local domain as the default local domain (i.e. Finland, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Arabic language speaking Gulf countries, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam), you won’t see a as a selection option for the email alias.

To get and register a email address, go to the following country Windows Live Hotmail sign up page, then click on Get It button to open registration form. The alias should be selected as default. Make sure that you logout and sign out from existing Hotmail account before going to the page. Complete the sign up and you will have a email address.

Saudi Arabia (in Arabic language):
Indonesia (in English language):
Finland (in Finnish language):
Switzerland (in French language):
Thailand (in Thai language):
Turkey (in Turkish language):

* Vietnam sign up page link unavailable.


Update 2: Windows Live has been deprecated in favor of

Update 1: More options for,, and local or