Windows Vista activation is one of the hardest piracy protection system to bypass and crack. Since the official release of Windows Vista backed in January, hackers have evolved and created newer and newer crack methods that allows user to more reliably crack, bypass and remove Vista activation requirement. The cracks used include the early frankenbuild method, KMS activation, stop activation countdown timer method to later software-based Paradox OEM BIOS emulation (also known as softmod and Vista Loader), and hardware-level OEM BIOS mod. However, there is no easy way to remove or uninstall these cracks applied, until the release of VOATK Tools.

For some reasons such as decided to buy genuine Windows Vista license key or want to try other crack to activate Windows Vista, you will usually need to remove and uninstall the existing crack that been applied on the system first before applying the new patch. VOATK Tools is an all-in-one (AIO) utility that combines all activation tools under single interface, including ability to disable and remove several popular activation cracks on Vista computer.

How to Uninstall and Remove Vista Crack

  • Download VOATK Tools.
  • Unpack the archive and run the “voatktoolsv.2.2_stand_alone.exe” as administrator.
  • Type “3” to select “Uninstall Vista Crack (Softmode1, VistaLoader, VistaBoot, TimeStop and Paradox)” and then press Enter.
  • If you’re prompted to disable UAC, type Y and press Enter. You will need to reboot your PC and redo the process.

VOATK Tools able to remove and uninstall almost 90% of the current Windows Vista activation cracks, such as TimeStop, Paradox, SoftMode1, VistaLoader, VistaBoot. Most other cracks, especially those so called one-click activators such as Windows Vista All Versions Activator FF2. from duffyduck, Windows Vista Activation and OEM Information Activator by StR0, activator from clony BENSSB, and various other cloned and imitated Windows Vista activators or one click activators are based on Paradox OEM Emulation Toolkit or Vista Loader, which emulate OEM BIOS with software patch. The activator cracks modified MBR, BootMgr and/or registry to trick Windows Vista into thinking that it’s loading on an OEM machine. The modified MBR, BootMgr and/or registry will be repaired and crack files will be removed if necessary by VOATK Tools automatically.

VOATK Tools will not remove the Vista Product Key, OEM Certificates, OEM Logos or Tokens.dat that have been installed. So after removing the crack, you may need to activate Vista again.